Going Through My Stepsis To Get My Car – S24:E11

Clara Trinity is just lounging on the couch in the living room when her stepbrother, Johnny Love, joins her. He tells Clara that his mom says he has to coach her for the upcoming spelling bee or she’ll take away his car. Clara agrees, but she fucks with Johnny by intentionally spelling words wrong. She claims that she only knows how to spell dirty words and then demonstrates.Leaning back and spreading her thighs, Clara tells Johnny that if he fucks her she’ll tell his mom he coached her really well and she’ll spell all the words correctly. She peels off her clothes as Johnny hems and haws about it, and then grabs his hand so she can suck his fingers in a pantomime of what she really wants. Clara’s thighs are already nice and spread out, so it’s easy for Johnny to move lower and finger bang his hot stepsis. In return, he gets a sloppy deep throat BJ that tells him without words what a hot freak Clara really is.Hopping onto the couch on her knees, Clara looks over her shoulder to watch Johnny slide it in. He squeezes and jiggles her ass cheeks as he bangs her from behind. When it’s Clara’s turn to set the pace, she rides her stepbro’s fuck stick in cowgirl and then turns around to twerk in reverse cowgirl. When Clara gets on her back and lifts her knees to open herself up, Johnny slides back home to give his stepsister one last big O. He finishes their flirty fuck by rubbing one out to deliver a facial for his smiling satisfied stepsis.